Monday, August 12, 2013


New Bronze Sculpture

All, most of you have already received an email about this bronze, but I thought I'd put it on the blog too.  Apologies all around.  I just got the walnut base for this and it looks wonderful.  I will take the two pieces back to the foundry this week to have the base attached and the brass nameplates added and voila!, it will be complete and ready to show.

Details are: title: FAST AND LOOSE
 Dimensions:  2' long, 1'wide and 1'tall
Weight: about 50lbs
Price:  $6500.

It will be entered in the Coppini Fall members show unless I sell it first.  Will let you know if it gets accepted.

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Sandy Oberg said...

Hi Jay,

Saw this piece at Greenhouse yesterday. It is so beautiful in it!!!

Was your inspiration Francine's horses????