Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pet me

This is another clay sculpture, about a foot high and was inspired by my blue neuter, Bo, who sits by the doorway to the kitchen and demands a "tribute" of a pat on the head before you pass.  It's currently at the downtown gallery and I've had a lot of good comments, but I still own it.  It will take a real cat lover to find it irresistable. 

We have another year of decent verbena on the place, in spite of drought conditions, and I am anxious to get outside to paint them.  Dog trials, painting demands and general chores seem to get in the way.  I am still having trouble downloading pictures of my work on the laptop with Windows 8, and the desktop with Windows 7 just died--again--so I'll have to replace it to get newer works on the blog.  Be patient.  I'll do it soon.

Hope you enjoy this one.