Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Dear Faithful Readers,
Here is Panda, the Shih Tzu, a beloved pet of one of my dear dog friends. Panda lived a very long and happy life and was so endearing to her owner that she wanted a portrait.
This is an oil on gessoed board, 8"x10", and was done from a series of good photos supplied by the owner. The main photo I used did not have a good look at the eyes so I used one of the others for that. Can't have a portrait without eyes, can we? I liked the fact that the photo had the bouganvilla in it as that provided me an excuse to use some bright color to set off a black and white dog. And since the photo was taken in the owners garden, that lends something to the painting too.
I sure enjoy doing these animal portraits. I just like the subject matter.
Next to go on the blog, though, will be a waterscape taken from a photo in Charleston Harbor a couple of years ago. As soon as I get it photoed, it will go on the blog. Keep tuned!