Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beach at Charleston

Dear Friends,

At long last, I am back to the blog. Here is a large piece I did this past year based on a photo I asked my brother to take for me last fall. I wanted to try a backlit beach scene and this is the result. He sent me several pictures from this particular photo session and I have a few paintings from it. I'll be posting those too.

This is Barb, my brother's wife, and their dog, Maggie. As you can see they both really enjoy the beach. And I really enjoyed doing this painting.

The painting is a studio piece, obviously, and larger than my normal plein air size. It's 24 x 28.

I have been painting all this past year, in spite of what you might think, but it's been in the studio and so I have been spending more time with each piece and not producing as much of it. Thus, less to put on the blog. And I also returned to some watercolor work. It has not been as successful as I would like, so you won't see any of that, but if I get anything worth sharing, I will.

More exciting is a new project--clay sculpture! I am working on animal sculptures and have been very pleased with the results. When I finish the three pieces currently on the table, I'll send pictures along.

So let me hear from you so I know I'm not sending along pictures into the ether. I'll be looking forward to it.