Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear All,
Here is a sculpture of a lioness I am currently working on.  It may go into a couple of shows this fall.  This is made of clay, including the base, and is based on a series of photos I scrounged from some traveling friends who take good pictures plus some other references.  This cat is fired and what you see is what you get except that the finish on it is not complete.  I am fiddling with some golden highlights or maybe a more tawny color but am inclined to keep the color close to what you see--the natural fired clay color.

I think she looks like she's surveying her kingdom from a rocky hill and will probably name it something to do with that. 

I have finished the two paintings I did with the plein air group I took out in July and will get those on the blog soon. 

The Coppini, where I do a lot of my studio work, is closed for the month of August, so I am a little slowed by that as I've been taking the extra time at home to do a few long-standing projects.  But I have plenty to put on the blog and now might actually take the time to do it. 

Hope you are all well.


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